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Pixel Rose tutorial by Edebel Pixel Rose tutorial by Edebel
Someone on this account asked me how  I did my roses on one of my pieces on here.. I dont remember who though.
*WARNING* if you do not accept opacity edits on pixel art, this tutorial is not for you.

1. Draw a circle. It doesn't have to be a perfect circle, but it should look like an attempt of one. You can do this by picking up your binary / pencil tool and scribbling in a circle motion. If you are a mouse user, you can just click the screen once or twice to get your circle.
2. Set a clipping layer and fill the rose with the color you plan to shade with (ON THE CLIPPING LAYER). You can scribble the color on, or use a fillbucket.
3. Use a binary / pencil eraser, the size should be a bit small but not too small. Decide where the center of the rose should be and then begin erasing the color to show the petals. The petals in roses are folded, so a birds eyes view of them shows a rounded trapezoid shade. This is careful proccess for both mouse and tablet use. You should look at references if you want to get it perfected.
4. Begin creating more trapezoid shapes around the center. These are the folds around the center.
5. Keep doing step four until you cannot add anymore trapezoids.
6. Using another layer, shade carefuly around the edges of the trapezoid. In roses, you would typically see the edges to be a bit darker than center (unless the main light source is pointing at the edge). You can edit opacity until your liking.
7.Create another layer and put it in muitiply mode. Repeat step 6 but do not do it as much. In addition, add an outline around the rose. You can edit opacity here also, but if you do, you have to edit the outline also.
8. Add some light colors to make the rose pop out. Depending on what color theme you're looking for, the color for the lights should be carefully chosen. Yay! you have your rose.

I hope I explained everything basic enough for people to follow ; v ;
all (C) mine.
I'll submit this to my other acc also.
GirlOtaku12 Featured By Owner Jun 14, 2016
Muchas gracias esta preciososo <3
TOMIRI94 Featured By Owner Apr 19, 2016  Hobbyist Digital Artist
IndonesianElephant Featured By Owner Jan 3, 2015  Student General Artist
Oooo! It's a gorgeous rose, thank you for this.
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May 24, 2014
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